The two games in the NC World Masters of the 49th International Dortmund Chess Days on Saturday were Daniel Fridman against Viswanathan Anand and Michael Adams against Dmitrij Kollars.

Eröffnungszug Fridman Anand"My preparation ended today when I went on stage - I saw that the seat opposite Dmitrij was already occupied, and I had prepared for the black game against him. Then I improvised against Vishy."

We saw 1.Sf3 (picture of the opening move with press officer Patrick Zelbel) on stage for the first time in NC Chess. An interesting position emerged after the opening, but Black was in order. Before Fridman unwound into a slightly worse endgame, he took the opportunity of a move repetition.

The game between Adams and Kollars again saw the popular motif of f3 or ...f6 and putting the king after f2 or f7. White captured the bishop pair, but the black pawn structure was intact. Both players played strongly, so the game was deservedly drawn. So there is still a lot to play for before the last round: the game between Anand and Adams will decide the tournament title.

Table before the last round (Sunday 13:30):

Anand 3 / 5
Adams 2,5 / 5
Kollars 2,5 / 5
Fridman 2 / 5

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