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Eljanov leads the Deutschland Grand Prix ahead of strong German players

The two living legends have been playing the first NC World Masters since yesterday with classical thinking time in the innovative mode of chess without castling. After the defeat in the opening round, Kramnik led with White on Thursday and opened with 1.c4 just like Anand the day before. On move six Anand played with 6…e5 an idea he had encountered in his match preparation. Kramnik reacted with an early queen exchange and tried everything to extend his small optical advantage in the middlegame.

But Anand defended perfectly and was able to equalise the game. Shortly before the end he might even have had a chance to hope for more, but the game ended in a draw.

Analysis of the two World Champions:

Meanwhile, five rounds have already been played in the Deutschland Grand Prix (DGP) and the two Sportland NRW Cups. World-class player Pavel Eljanov from Ukraine continues to lead the field alone with 4 points after 5 games, after his commanding win over Mateusz Bartel in the morning round. In second place is Dmitrij Kollars, a German grandmaster in great form. Things are still going well for Daniel Fridman, who is in third place with 3 points from 5 games.

In the Sportland NRW Cup 16-year-old Alexander Krastev is leading, in the Sportland NRW Girls Cup 13-year-old Michelle Trunz. 

Results NC World Masters

1. Anand – Kramnik 1 – 0

2. Kramnik – Anand ½ - ½


1. Eljanov 4 / 5
2. Kollars 3,5 / 5
3. Fridman 3 / 5
4. Ponomariov 2,5 / 5
5. Keymer 2,5 / 5
6. Meier 2,5 / 5
7. Kamsky 2 / 5
8. Kasimdzhanov 2 / 5
9. Heimann 2 / 5
10. Bartel 1 / 5

Tomorrow, one match will be played in the Deutschland Grand Prix at 10 am and the NC World Masters continues on Saturday.

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