Eröffnungszug minSparkassen Chess Trophy with spectacular second day

The first game in the NC World Masters of the 48th International Dortmund Chess Days was opened by the Chairman of the Board of Sparkasse Dortmund under the eyes of Mayor Norbert Schilff for the 15th World Chess Champion Vishy Anand against the 14th World Chess Champion Vladimir Kramnik. The two living legends played with classical thinking time in the innovative mode of No Castling Chess, an idea of the world's leading artificial intelligence development company AlphaZero, which is played at the highest level for the first time in Dortmund.

The first game delivered everything it promised on paper: after a few moves a very complex positional type emerged and both sides tried to play dynamically. Kramnik opened the h-file for his rook, but left centre control to Anand. This allowed Anand to win a centre pawn in the middlegame. The game remained sharp, but Anand was able to capture the black bishop on move 33 after tactical intricacies and use the advantage to win.

Picture: Christian Lünig, Arbeitsblende

Meanwhile, Dmitrij Kollars continues to play big in the Deutschland Grand Prix, winning the afternoon round after a long fight in the final against Mateusz Bartel with the black pieces and is now the shared leader. Pavel Eljanov is also on 2.5 points after two strong days. All grandmasters give insights into their games after opportunity and the videos are published on YouTube:

Results of the third round in the German Grand Prix:

Heimann – Kamsky ½ - ½
Keymer – Kasimdzhanov 1 – 0  
Meier – Eljanov ½ - ½
Bartel – Kollars 0 – 1
Fridman – Ponomariov ½ - ½

Ranking after 3 rounds:

1. Eljanov 2,5 / 3
2. Kollars 2,5 / 3
3. Fridman 2 / 3
4. Kamsky 1,5 / 3
5. Ponomariov 1,5 / 3
6. Meier 1,5 / 3
7. Keymer 1 / 3
8. Kasimdzhanov 1 / 3
9. Heimann 1 / 3
10. Bartel 0,5 / 3

Tomorrow is the next spectacular day in Dortmund: Two rounds in the Deutschland Grand Prix and the Sportland NRW Cups, as well as a white game of Vladimir Kramnik against Viswanathan Anand in "No Castling Chess."

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