Luke McShane kleiLuke McShane as ninth participant in the Deutschland Grand Prix

He has often been called the strongest amateur chess player in the world, but this is certainly no insult, as he has been one of the best chess players in the world for years. His talent became apparent early on. He became U10 World Champion in 1992 at the age of 8 and received his Grandmaster title at the age of 16. He is, of course, a regular player for the England national team and was an important pillar of the team in the silver medal of the 2019 World Team Championship, where he won the medal for the best board result on the second board. One of his many successful tournaments was the London Chess Classic 2010, with a performance of 2838 and a win against none other than Magnus Carlsen. "Now I am looking forward to the Dortmund tournament and I am optimistic about my chances" says McShane. 

Photo: Kirill Merkuriev at the FIDE World Cup 2019

"Often I'm a bit rusty compared to other players, but in this event we will all face the same problem!" This is because McShane was also unable to gain match practice in pandemic times. The Englishman, known for his entertaining chess, has however been active as a chess coach in Pandemic via online training. He is also the chess columnist for "The Spectator", the oldest weekly magazine in english language. His current rating is 2674, which of course makes him a hot contender to win the new formed tournament. At the moment, of course, he is still hoping that the entry rules will be eased for him again. That is the small question mark at this time and chess fans are keeping their fingers crossed that McShane can make his way to Dortmund without any problems.

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